Return to Instincts 7"

by Repression Attack

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released August 5, 2016




Repression Attack Рязань, Russian Federation

Russisch Totalitären Stenchcore

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Track Name: Rebirth
The glass will crack in the sand clock,
Time will be gone, everything will turn to nothing.
A shrill scream will break the silence,
Rise will turn to a decline.

Every monolith will crumble to dust.
Death will bring a new life.
The bottom is not top, but it’s also the peak.
Life will lead to a new death.

The decayed leaves of the Lifetree
Will feed worms and finish its term in mud.
Mother will give a birth to a nauseous fetus
So he could continue the rot in hers stead.

Through the fear and pain,
Over ashes and fume,
All will revive
Back to the prime.

The mother earth absolves her sons
Finding the rest among the skulls.
Eternity will freeze like a pile of stones
To sprout with a new grass.
Track Name: Demon
A dim ray of light
Died out in the cold soul.
Through the depths of mind
I hear again a rageful scream.
The primeval crud
Woke up coming from nowhere.
Born by the fear
The raptoral beast is devouring me.

I'm loosing control
And don't feel the ground under my feet.
Hatered impales the whole body
I can't see a yard in front of me.
Baring instincts
I'm turning into a primeval crud myself.
Up to the chin bogged down
I open the gates to insanity.

The demon came to the life again.
He's rushing at large, tearing of lesh.
He's vomiting, rattling curses
Poisoning my blood.
I tried to escape
But the demon is in my mind.
I'm completely unarmed in this fight
And will soon dissolve in emptiness.

The demon is laughing
He sees everything in advance.
Wherever I've tried to go
Every door is fast locked.

The trap of his iron hooves
Makes me wake up in cold sweat.
He's so close rattling with his shuckles
Ready to fitch me into emptiness.

The demon is growing and I'm fading away.
The beast is eating me gaining strenght
With the last rush I will sob in his bile
He will make me pray for death.

Endless darkness is growing inside.
And what if it's not real?
What if it's just a dream?
Hooking like hiclious rave.

My body doesn't belong
To me any more.
Burning my wound with hatered
Hit in the face my reflections.

On the threshold of failure
I will straugle myself with his trembling hand.
The shadows of light and mirk entuined into a whole.
A couple of pulled out eyes is in my palms.
I would be glad with victory
But he will die with me.
I overpower again
And now drag him behind.

And now the demon is me
Not yet recovered but rebelled.
I'll destroy myself
Forcing into his chest fiery stringer.

A dim ray of light
Died out in the cold soul.
Through the depths of mind
I hear again a rageful scream.